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Pulp/Paper Mill Consultants

P2 Tech participants:

The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance has identified 25 priority manufacturing facilities based on a risk-based priority setting process.  We are in the process of contacting each facility to identify approaches to accelerate pollution prevention practices through a variety of incentives, assistance and support. 

Several facilities targeted include pulp/paper mills in the state of Minnesota. We are considering the possibility of securing a small level of external consulting support in relation to our efforts directed at the pulp/paper mills. Is there a list or individual names of P2 consultants for paper mills? We're particularly interested in emphasizing the P2, process modification and operations and procedural end of the hierarchy. 

If you have any advise regarding individual consultants or firms with P2 expertise in the pulp/paper sector, please reply to Ms. Fran Kurk or myself.

Fran's contact information is:

> Fran Kurk
> Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
> 520 Lafayette Road North
> St. Paul, MN 55155
> (651)215-0242
> fran.kurk@state.mn.us