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Hi Bob.  I assume you know about the Zero Emissions Initiative at the UN
University in Japan, the website is www.zeri.org.  The founder, Gunter
Pauli, has a new book out called UPSIZING (Greenleaf Press,
www.greenleaf-publishing.com) in which he talks a lot about his experience
with this effort.

The goal of ZERO anything is interesting, I have read several critiques of
such practices from TQM advocates who say that setting such a goal is
demoralizing to people since they know they can never get there, and that
continuous improvement is a better philosophy.  Personally I think it is
fine to keep ZERO waste out there as a vision thing, but operationally
people still need measurable goals they can actually achieve, then redo the
operational goals in line with the vision.  Maybe that's obvious to
everyone but hey, I am becoming a master of the obvious as I get older.
When I was younger I was just a hacker of the obvious.

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