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RE: zero waste goals


I compiled some information on this for one of the folks in our region who was looking into zero discharge.  Some of the information that I found may be useful; I've included it below.  One other cavet:  much of the information listed is more process-specific, but still may be helpful.  Good luck.


* Fosberg, Ted.  "Using Evaporators to Achieve Zero Effluent at a BCTMP Pulp Mill."  Seattle, WA:  Resources Conservation Company; 1993 Aug.

* Beroiz, Denny.  "Zero Discharge Goal Setting:  Does It Work?" Pico Rivera, CA:  Northrop; 1991 conference.

* Hennepin Paper Company.  "Zero Discharge Program at an Uncoated Groundwood Paper Mill."  St. Paul, MN:  Hennepin Paper Company; 1993 Jun 11.

* "Zero Discharge Wire Pickling Through Evaporative Recovery."  Vendor information.

* Spencer, Gary & Greg, Jim Miille, Greg White, and Pat Bennett.  "Zero Water Discharge in the Metal Plating Industry using an Improved Ion Exchange Process."  Sacramento, CA:  California EPA, Department of Toxic Substances Control.

PPRC's Research Project's Database
* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/statefnd/minn_oea/wastewat.html
"Wastewater Recycling to Meet Zero Discharge Goal"
	Summary of filtration technology for wastewater.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/statefnd/turi/demonstr.html
"Demonstration of Printwise:  A "Near-Zero" Lithographic Ink and Blanket Wash System"
	Summary of presswash printing system; might be a bit of a stretch.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/fedfund/epa/epastd/approach.html
"Approaching Zero Discharge in Metal Plating and Finishing"
	Summary of research project looking at cleaner plating and metal finishing processes.
Note:  this hasn't been updated since 5/96.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/fedfund/epa/epastd/evalzerp.html
"Evaluation of ZERPOL (Zero Liquid Discharge System) at Pioneer Metal Finishing"
	Summary of Zerpol system, in place since 1981.  
Note:  this hasn't been updated since 5/96.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/fedfund/epa/epastd/wattsnic.html
"Watts Nickel and Rinse Water Recovery via an Advanced Reverse Osmosis System"
	Summary of wastewater system at HP printed circuit board facility. 
Note:  this hasn't been updated since 5/96.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/fedfund/epa/epastd/alkaline.html
"Alkaline Noncyanide Zinc Plating and Reuse of Recovered Chemicals"
	Summary of closed-loop rinsewater treatment system for plating operation.
Note:  this hasn't been updated since 5/96.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/rpd/statefnd/illinois/recyclin.html
"Recycling and Reuse of Zinc Effluent as a Hydroxide Sludge from an Alkaline Non-cyanide Zinc Process."
	Summary of metal finishing wastewater project.
Note:  this hasn't been updated since 1/96.

* http://www.pprc.org/pprc/regional/jun98min.html
The minutes from the June 1998 NW Regional Roundtable in Boise, ID.  Claire Schary, from EPA gave a presentation on The Lower Boise River pilot, which is an emission trading plan.  There is an incentive to get to zero emissions.
	Also, there is a quick summary of Ponderosa Paint.  As noted on website, 
Ponderosa Paint, a coatings manufacturer, implemented water reclamation methods such as using wastewater as makeup for process water.  In 1986, the company consumed 6,305 gallons of wash water in manufacturing 257,000 gallons of paint.  By 1994, paint production was up to 861,000 gallons, but wash water consumption was down to 529 gallons.  In 1995, wastewater discharge fell to zero, and as a result, the company's industrial discharge permit was canceled the following year.

* http://wrrc.p2pays.org/nframe.asp?page=SearchRLIBY.asp
Documents from the Waste Reduction Resource Center; they have numerous documents on zero discharge, which you can do a search for.

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/1/15321.html
Summary of article about a papermaker, "Zero Discharge Hennepin Paper Aims to Eliminate Effluent."  Contact information on website.  

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/0/15480.html
Summary of article, "Quest for Zero Discharge."  Contact information on website.

* http://es.epa.gov/ncerqa_abstracts/grants/96/sust/bagajew.html
Summary of EPA research project, "Chemical Plant Wastewater Reuse and Zero Discharge Cycles"

* http://es.epa.gov/studies/hyde-a.html
Summary of document, ""Yankee Thrift as Pollution Prevention at Hyde Manufacturing."

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/9/13649.html
Summary of 1991 article, "Zero Discharge Semi-Aqueous Centrifugal Cleaning."  Document location listed on website.

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/9/7239.html
Article/summary:  "Near-Zero Discharge Electroplating Via Drag-Out Reduction, Rinse Water Management and Bath Evaporation."  A bit dated, not completely zero-discharge.

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/8/7838.html
Summary of presentation from a 1993 conference:  "An Overview of the Role of Economic Instruments to Implement Zero Discharge of Persistent Toxic Chemicals in the Lake Superior Basin."

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/5/7835.html
Summary of presentation, "Using Economic Instruments to Achieve Zero Discharge of Persistent Toxic Substances."

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/7/15597.html
Summary of Sept. 1994 article, "Zero-Discharge Effluent Limits for Pesticides Revisited."

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/6/15006.html
Summary of "Case Study for Zero Discharge."

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/9/11089.html
Summary of "The Race for Zero -- Smart companies aren't waiting for pollution prevention laws - they're eliminating their use of toxins now."  Older article.  Contact information listed on website.

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/techpubs/4/13294.html
Summary of "Replacement of Halogenated Solvent Degreasing with Regenerable Aqueous Cleaners."  May be helpful; contact information is on website.  

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/icpic/213.html
Summary of "Industrial Processes to Reduce Generation of Hazardous Waste at DOD Facilities:  Phase 3 Report, Appendix B - Workshop Manual, Innovative Hard Chrome Plating."  DOD workshop manual, describing work on hard chrome plating at Pensacola Naval Air Rework Facility.

* http://es.epa.gov/studies/cs157.html
Case Study:  "New Polyester Coolant Filtration System Has Benefits."  Discussion of coolant filtration system.

* http://es.epa.gov/studies/cs567.html
Case Study:  "Closed-loop Recycling Reduces Metal Finishing Wastewater Discharges."  	Pratt & Whitney facility.

* http://es.epa.gov/program/regional/state/minn/grant4fs.html
"Minnesota OWM Fact Sheet:  Pollution Prevention Grant Program Summaries and Reports."  Provides quick hits on some zero and near-zero discharge projects.

* http://es.epa.gov/p2pubs/ppc/208259.html
Summary of EPA document, "Alkaline Noncyanide Zinc Plating with Reuse of Recovered Chemicals," EPA Publication Number:  EPA/600/R-94/148.

* http://es.epa.gov/techinfo/facts/navy/navyawrd.html
Highlights of Accomplishments Made at the Naval Aviation Depot, Jacksonville, Florida (FY 1994).  Brief mention of zero discharge.

* http://enviro.nfesc.navy.mil:80/p2library/11-8_497.html
Overview and summary of Zero Discharge Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant; Navy site.  

* http://es.epa.gov/vendors/vendinfo/264.html
Information about vendor, Zero Discharge Technologies, Inc., located in Chicopee, MA.  Targets wastewater.  Additional information can be found at http://es.epa.gov/vendors/vendinfo/266.html.

* http://es.epa.gov/vendors/vendinfo/443.html
Summary of Plating Resources, Inc.  Another vendor site; for metal plating and rinsewater.

* http://es.epa.gov/vendors/vendinfo/94.html
Summary of Accel Graphic Systems, located in Dallas, TX.  Vendor site; target = printed circuitry.

* http://es.epa.gov/vendors/vendinfo/275.html
Summary of Hydro-Blast, Inc., located in Vancouver, WA.  Manufactures aqueous cabinet washers.  Vendor site

* http://es.epa.gov/vendors/preview/80.html
Summary of Environmental Remediation Consultants, Inc., located in Sarasota, FL.  A remediation company, specializing  in bioremediation of DNAPL's and chlorinated solvents; have developed an industrial zero discharge waste-water treatment process.  Vendor site, not yet reviewed.

P2Tech Archives 
There are some archived messages dealing with zero discharge that may be helpful.

Other Resource
Oregon has a relatively new state law governing dry cleaners and PERC.  Apparently, the dry cleaners (who went to the legislature with this) have agreed to reach zero discharge of PERC - I'm not sure of the time frame.  If you want more information I can find the contact information for you.