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Re: EDF's New Pollution Prevention Community Guide and Iron and Steel Rankings at <www.edf.org/communityguides/>

From: Benjamin Smith@EDF on 05/28/99 01:43 PM

Subject:  Re: EDF's New Pollution Prevention Community Guide and Iron and
      Steel Rankings at <www.edf.org/communityguides/>

EDF Community Guide to Integrated Iron and Steel Making Offers Pollution
Prevention Solutions For Communities With Facilities As Neighbors
New EDF Website (www.edf.org/communityguides/) Also Ranks Polluton
Prevention Performance Of Nation's Integrated Iron And Steel Mills


EDF's Integrated Steel Making Community Guide website (
http://www.edf.org/communityguides) is a powerful tool for facility
neighbors to forge a dialogue with industry.  The guide describes mill
processes, from Coke Making to Forming and Finishing, and strategies for
preventing pollution.  For example, it suggests cleaner alternatives to the
current coke making process, a highly-polluting part of iron and steel

The site also features a new national pollution prevention performance
ranking of integrated iron and steel mills indicating that mills in
Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio rank among the worst third of
facilities in the US for pollution prevention.  The integrated iron and
steel mills that ranked among the worst third of facilities in the US based
on 1996 pollution data are USX/US Steel in Gary, IN, Ispat Inland Steel in
East Chicago, IN, National Steel in Granite City, IL, Bethlehem Steel in
Sparrows Point, MD, LTV Steel in Cleveland, OH, and AK Steel in Middletown,

Of the nation's 14 other integrated iron and steel mills, four mills, LTV
Steel in East Chicago, IN, AK Steel in Ashland, KY, USS/Kobe Steel in
Lorain, OH, and Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel in Steubenville, OH, reported
data that were so unreliable they could not be ranked.

To create the rankings, EDF tracked toxic chemical releases and transfers
from EPA's 1996 Toxics Release Inventory database, and carbon monoxide and
particulate releases from EPA's "AIRS" database, obtained in March, 1999.
(When recent AIRS data were not available, EDF obtained the data from the
states.)  EDF determined which of the country's 20 integrated iron and
steel mills were performing the best and worst in preventing pollution on a
per ton of steel basis.  The rankings focused only on the nation's
integrated iron and steel plants, which are larger and generally more
polluting than the more common "mini mills."

The Environmental Defense Fund, a leading national, NY-based nonprofit
organization, represents 300,000 members.  EDF links science, economics,
and law to create innovative, equitable, and economically viable solutions
to today's environmental problems.

Benjamin Smith
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