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Re: Rag Rope

There is much opposition to burning most anything these days.  Getting
permit modifications are tougher when they need public involvement.  I am
working with one paper mill that is landfilling the rag rope.  They wanted
to incinerate it but the local citizens are worried about the plastic
gathered up on the rope.  This mill also separates plastic from the OCC
fiber and wants to burn that.  The citizens group wants them to look at a
new technology for making pallets out of the plastic/fiber material.  This
new technology allows the plastic wood to flex (something not possible
before).  This means the pallets will not shatter when lifted.  Trial
pallets are being made at this time and will be tested in a large retail
distribution center.  If this works, you might be able to grind the rope
and recover the metal by density (or magnets) and use the ragged material
for pallets.  I can get you the information on the NCASI member firm
working on this project if you desire.

Bob Pojasek

At 10:41 AM 6/3/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I work for NCASI, which is a nonprofit environmental 
>research organization funded by the forest products 
>industry. Our membership accounts for over 90 percent of 
>the pulp and paper production and 75 percent of the solid 
>wood products manufactured in the United States.
>I have spoken recently to several dozen mills that generate 
>rag rope. There have been a few attempts to recover the 
>metal in the rope, but without technical or (more 
>importantly) economic success. One mill in the south has 
>regulatory approval to burn the rope in its boilers and may 
>burn it in the future. France appears to be leaning toward 
>burning it as well (1998 TAPPI Environmental Conference). 
>With a high metal content, the volume reduction may not be 
>great from combustion.
>Have you had any success in dealing with the rag rope?
>William E. Thacker 
>Senior Research Engineer 

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