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EMS question

I wanted to pose this question in hopes of understanding the thought
process behind this statement.  I was reading the latest edition of
Biocycle today.  Page 30 features an article entitled, "How to
Successfully Manage a Compost Facility."  The articles make the
following statement concerning Environmental Management Systems:

"It is often meaningful and credible if an EMS is implemented at the
request or suggestion of the regulating agency.  If a facility is willing to
proceed with EMS development, the permitting or regulating agency can
lend support and value to the process by sharing in any public
disclosure.  The agency can and should then protect its reputation by
participating in the review and approval of the final EMS."

My question begins with why an organization would value its EMS as
credible only if its initiation was a direct result of a regulatory agency's
request.  It seems to me that an EMS is a much better business system
for management of a company's environmental impacts.  However, its
development is independent of the regulatory community.  Am I way off


Kenny Steward
Pollution Prevention Group
Pantex Plant