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"Good Actor" Programs

Following up on an earlier request from my colleague Jeanne Herb, Tellus 
Institute is compiling information on state statutory and non-statutory 
programs that provide regulatory or other incentives (not just recognition) 
to "good actor" companies that demonstrate a high level of environmental 
performance. Thus far we have identified the following programs: 

AL - Environmental Leadership Program 
CO - Environmental Leadership Program 
IL - Partners in Pollution Prevention (PIPP) 
MI - Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) Program 
MN - Project XL (authorized by Environmental Regulatory Innovations Act) 
NJ - Flexible Track (Gold Track) Program 
OR - Green Permits 
TX - Regulatory Flexibility Program 

Please let me know of any other programs you know of that seem appropriate 
and provide a contact person and phone number and/or e-mail address if 
possible. Thanks in advance for your help.

James Goldstein 
Tellus Institute 
617-266-5400 (tel) 
617-266-8303 (fax)