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Everglades Restoration and Illegal Class 1 and Classs V UIC wells

This discussion group has overall turned a deaf ear to this issue.
I don't think Congress or the GAO will be very interested in approving 
restoration funds for a state which is openly destroying the resources it is 
looking to protect with a sewage waste UIC program that is illegal and out 
of control.

Imagine a state which permits municipal waste to be injected underground 
into groundwater aquifers.

A state where groundwater protection is vital to over 85% of the residents 
who rely on it for drinking water.

Florida is the only state in the nation permitting municipal underground 
injection of sewage using deep injection wells known as Class 1 underground 
injection control (UIC) wells. There are over 120 of these wells in South 
Florida daily discharging 400 million gallons of municipal waste underground 
according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). 
(see: http://www.epa.gov/ogwdw/uic.html )

Are Floridians drinking out of their toliet? 


According to the EPA 13 Class 1 UIC wells are daily discharging 208 million 
gallons of municipal waste into underground sources of drinking water (USDW) 
in Dade County, Florida, and this represents the nation's largest point (as 
opposed to nonpoint) source violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. 


Despite EPA cited violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act, these 13 Class 
1 UIC wells continue to operate and the only enforcement action taken in 
five years has been EPA monitoring studies of the violation. And, the EPA 
says municipal injection well violations are occuring in several other 
counties in South Florida.

The nonenforcement of the nation's largest point source violation of the 
Safe Drinking Water Act raises the question who is protecting the nation's 
underground sources of drinking water? 


Sadly, Florida has already lost the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary 
(with over 1,000 Class V UIC sewage wells in the Keys) and it's bays to 
sewage pollution. 



There is a children's cancer cluster in Port St.Lucie, Florida where 2 Class 
1 UIC wells are operating. 


Florida's sewage pollution is stimulating harmful agal blooms killing 
millions of fish, hundreds of manatees, and harrming human health. 


And not one group in the state is reviewing sewage pollution and the state's 
UIC program.

Best Wishes, 
Donald Sutherland