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Results of Community College Env. student P2 audits

Dear P2 peers;

My community college students have completed their pollution 
prevention audits for the capstone course in their A.A.S. degree.  
This course was developed by the Owens Community College for 
the U.S. EPA D.f.E. program.  I want to sincerely thank EPA for 
their support of this initiative.

I believe the following demonstrates the drammatic impact that 
community college students can have on industrial partners.  
Please note that the shops that let them in for this first run were 
VERY CLEAN (one actually had won a governors P2 award!) yet 
the students were able to find further areas for increased efficiency. 
 I would like to encourage you to contact your local community 
colleges and see if you can take part in a similar program.  Not 
sure who is close?  Go to the ATTEC homepage at 
http://www.ateec.org/ to look up an environmental AAS program in 
your neck of the woods.  This was a win-win-win, EPA gets 
increased efficiency without being involved, industry saves money, 
and students learn how the real world operates prior to graduation.

Yet another fine product brought to you by the Partnership for 
Environmental Technology Education consortia of community 

Team 1

Savings of $5,200 per year with a simple payback of 5 months, 2 
weeks.  Savings of 3 million gallons/year virgin acid by reusing 
effluent acid stream.

Team 2

Completion of pre-assessment with recommendations to move from 
solvent based paint to water based paint.  Potential to eliminate 10 
drums/year of chrome contaminated rags ($989/year) and 
elimination of reducer (1,760 gallons/year, $3,824)

Team 3

Simple engineering fix to eliminate loss of 5,343 lbs of zinc/year  
for an annual cost savings of $3,323/year and a simple payback of 
2.6 years.

Team 4

Elimination of 2,560 lbs of "floor dry" per year, for a cost savings of 
$313 and a simple payback of 6 months.

NOTE:  Per their request, company names have been with held.
David G. Gardner, Chairman
Industrial Operations Technologies
The Owens Community College