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WG: ISESS 1999 reminder / early registration deadline

> Hello to all Interested ISESS 1999 Participants
> This is just a reminder that the deadline for early registration for 
> ISESS 1999 is quickly approaching, JUNE 30, 1999.  I would encourage you 
> to visit the web page and download the registration materials as soon as 
> possible.  If you have any difficulties with this, please contact me and 
> I can send the registration form out to you by email or by fax.
> As there are 3 other conferences occuring at the University of Otago at 
> the same time as ISESS 1999, I would also encourage you to make your 
> accommodation arrangements as soon as possible.  A list of hotels is also 
> included on the web site.
> If I can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I 
> hope to see you in New Zealand.
> Linda Robson
> Conference Manager, ISESS
> Email:  linda@snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca
> Phone:  519-824-4120, ext. 3760
> Fax:  519-826-5745