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Safety Online Newsletter

Safety Online Newsletter
Volume 1   Issue 8
Wednesday, June 23, 1999

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******** FEATURED ARTICLES selected by Sandy Smith ********

1) EPA: Use More than MSDSs for Emergency Response
2) Clinton Calls for the Elimination of Forced Child Labor
3) Evidence of Link Between Cancer and EMFs is "Weak"


1) EPA: Use More than MSDSs for Emergency Response
EPA has issued an alert for emergency responders, warning them not to rely

solely on material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for information about on-site
chemicals. According to EPA, “MSDSs may not provide sufficient information to
effectively and safely respond to accidental releases.”


2) Clinton Calls for the Elimination of Forced Child Labor
“Today, the time has come to build on the growing world consensus to ban the
most abusive forms of child labor, to join together and to say there are some
things we cannot and will not tolerate,” President Bill Clinton said at the
87th session of the International Labor Conference on Wednesday in Geneva.

“Every single day, tens of millions of children work in conditions that shock
the conscience,” he told conference delegates, who represent members of the
International Labor Organization (ILO). Clinton called for a concerted
international effort to eliminate the worst forms of child labor.


3) Evidence of Link Between Cancer and EMFs is "Weak"
A six-year research effort has led the National Institute of Environmental
Health Sciences (NIEHS) to issue a report this week that concludes that the
evidence for a risk of cancer and other human disease from the electric and
magnetic fields (EMFs) around power lines is “weak.”

The report did not entirely count out the possibility of health effects from
exposure to EMFs. The report suggested that efforts to reduce exposure should
continue, and said that the strongest evidence for health effects comes from
statistical associations observed in human populations with childhood leukemia
and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in occupationally exposed adults such as

electric utility workers, machinists, and welders.


******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) Single Ply Floor Mat
2) Pipe Markers
3) Sound Measurement Instruments


1) Single Ply Floor Mat
This single ply safety and fatigue relief floor matting has been developed for
normal to heavy foot traffic.  Constructed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), this
mat weighs approximately 1 lb per square foot and is available in any size
or color.


2) Pipe Markers
These adhesive safety pipe markers have a clear overcoat that protects the
print from solvents, certain graffiti and abrasion.


3) Sound Measurement Instruments
The 2238 Mediator has a versatile range of sound measurement instruments. The
unit can be used to measure environmental noise and workplace noise, and to
assess product noise.


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