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RE: ? Origin of quote ? (public opinion data on env.)

Another good source of info on public opinion data related to the
Kempton, Boster and Hartley, MIT Press, 1995.

At 12:20 PM 6/23/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Bill Green (BGreen@ecolink.com) asked:
>	"We often hear the quote, "87% of Americans consider themselves
>> environmentalists" or something to that effect.  Can ANYONE tell me
>> where this figure may have originated ??? "
>A couple of folks have written back regarding the Roper Polls, which might
>well be the source of the quote, but there are a number of public opinion
>polls over the years that have backed up the notion that a large percentage
>of Americans view themselves as "pro-environment."  In many instances, these
>attitudes (measured via things like support for regulations, awareness
>and/or support of environmental issues, etc) seem to be the one thing that
>people of widely disparate beliefs seem to have in common -- leading one to
>ponder whether or not the Green Party (no relation, I'm sure) might not have
>more potential as a latent political force than people give them credit for.
>When looking at these poll data, remember that it is useful to look beyond
>the attitude data and examine actual behavior, and there the results don't
>seem quite as encouraging (I know that I certainly don't live up to my own
>expectations!).  A good (though somewhat dated) resource for this is Walter
>Coddington's 1993 book, "Environmental Marketing:  Positive Strategies for
>Reaching the Green Consumer" (ISBN 0-07-011599-0).   I will drop my copy in
>the mail to you today, if you promise to send it back to me when you are
>done reading it.
>BTW, while the Roper Center has its own "pay for use" rate schedule, it can
>be cost-effective to use the "Public Opinion Online" database available via
>DIALOG (see http://library.dialog.com/bluesheets/html/bl0468.html) which
>allows you to search the same Roper POLL data available for a fee from the
>Roper Center web site.  This is particularly true if you have access to a
>local university research library or other such "volume user."    It is a
>very interesting resource, providing poll questions, responses, and the
>supporting statistics for those so inclined.
>Hope this helps.
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