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RE: Solvent for vinyl

Since the company purchases so much material, would perhaps the supplier be
willing to work with the company to develop an alternative.  PA DEP has a
case study regarding the Kinney Shoe Corporation, Bedford Shoe Company.
This footwear manufacturer reduced solvents significantly in its adhesive.
Perhaps your company would like to look at the study to review the learning
curve discussed in the summary. There is a contact person listed with the

To find this case study, go to the PA DEP web site at
http://www.dep.state.pa.us  .
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Subject: Solvent for vinyl

I'm working with a company that makes foam floatation devices such as
life jackets and small key chain floats.  The foam is coated by dipping it
in a vat of dissolved vinyl.  The vinyl coating is made by dissolving
powdered vinyl into a mixture of xylene, toluene, and MEK.  The
company uses these chemicals in large volumes which results in over
200 tons of emissions.  

Does anyone know of an alternative solvent for vinyl that is not a HAP
or VOC (at least less hazardous).  The company has tried a couple of
different products but have not found an alternative that results in the
quality coating they need.  I would like to provide them a list of different
solvents to experiment with.  I have not had any luck using SAGE to find

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

David Edge 
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission