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Providing P2 Advice During Compliance Inspections

I am a Research Associate at the Tellus Institute, Boston.  We are assisting
the Ohio EPA in developing training for hazardous waste inspectors to
encourage facilities to think about the benefits of P2.  Given that
businesses may have a negative view of receiving information from
inspectors, we are interested in coming up with hands-on ways that
inspectors can cut through communication obstacles that might prevent the P2
message from getting across.

Please share information you have on other states' experiences with
inspectors providing P2 assistance/information.  In particular, we are
hoping to learn more about how such information should be conveyed and the
appropriate scope of the inspectors' role (e.g., referral, more detailed
on-site advice, etc.), the type of information facilities appreciate most,
and the style of presentation/communication that facilities are most likely
to be open to.

Thank you in advance.

Michael Crow