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Re: Environmental Awareness Days


In response to your recent message, this isn't quite what you asked for but 
you may find it interesting anyway. National "Clean Out Your Files Day" is 
April 22. As you know, Earth Day is the same. Both fall within "Professional 
Secretary's Week." For our Department of Energy client we suggested using all 
three. We suggested an awareness campaign to encourage secretaries and office 
workers to clean their files to boost a DOE Headquarters office paper 
recycling program. DOE Earth Day activities were capped by an awards program 
we designed featuring the Secretary of Energy presenting pollution prevention 
and recycling awards, the trophies made from recycled nuclear weapons testing 

I suspect almost any month will have a holiday or "official" month, week, or 
day that can be used to help promote environmental issues.

Oh, and happy Canada Day (July 1!).

Best of luck!

Mark Boylan
22 Executive Park Court
Germantown  MD  20874

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Subject: Environmental Awareness Days
Author:  "Wendy Fitzner" <FITZNERW@state.mi.us> at Internet
Date:    6/29/99 8:35 AM

P2 techers:

We are preparing an environmental calendar that sites significant dates during
the year, including P2 Week, Earth Day, National Recycle Week, National Park
Service anniversary, etc.  In some months, we are really lacking in
environmental holidays.  In particular, if you are aware of an environmental,
natural resources-related observance day or week during January, June, July or
August please let us know.  

Wendy Fitzner

Wendy Fitzner
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Town Center
P.O. Box 30457
Lansing, MI  48909-7957
517-335-4729 (fax)