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Sustainable Building Design Materials Now Online

Dear Sustainability Educators,

   Happy Fourth of July!  Celebrate your independence from tyrannical,
backward-thinking architecture by checking out three new FREE publications
just added to our online Sustainable Architecture collection. 

The descriptions below are followed by our website address.

1. "Fundamentals and Methods of Sustainable Design" (173K Acrobat
    file; 28 pp.):  Intended for college architecture courses,
    this paper examines the environmental impact of building design
    and construction.  Principles of sustainable architecture are
    discussed as a means of reducing this impact.  Analysis of a
    building's phases of construction ("pre-building," "building,"
    and "post-building") are used to explore the concepts of
    Economy of Resources, Life Cycle Design, and Humane Design.
    [Printed copy available for $3.50]

2. "Sustainable Design Bibliography" (88K Acrobat file; 6 pp.):  
    Lists 130 books and journals specifically related to sustainable
    design theory and application.  Tells how to obtain cited
    materials not commonly available from your university library 
    or local bookstore.  Arranged by topic. [Printed copy available 
    for $1]
3. "Sustainable Design Annotated Bibliography" (95K Acrobat file; 
    2 pp.):  Describes 12 of the publications cited in the Bibliography."
    Arranged alphabetically. [Printed copy available for $1]

   To view or print your own free copies of any of 
these publications and more, point your Web browser to 

(Remember:  ONLINE copies are free.  If you need to order PAPER 
copies, we need to charge you for photocopying and postage.)  
   We hope these new materials are helpful and inspirational to you.
As always, we encourage your suggestions on making our website more
useful.  And please spread the word about our many free materials!
For those of you with your own websites, we encourage you to make
direct links to us.

Nancy Osborn, Publications Department
Center for Sustainable Systems 
(formerly the National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Ed.)
430 E. University Ave., Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1115
734/764-1412 * fax: 647-5841 * nano@umich.edu