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Re: small business loans

In Michigan we are preparing to provide low interest loans to small businesses to implement P2 projects at their place of work.  We will be leveraging with banks to provide loans up to $100,000 at less than 5% interest, to businesses with less than 100 employees.  The types of projects that are eligible must meet our definition of P2 and are very specific or they may be the result of a P2 recommendation from a RETAP assessment.  (RETAP is our voluntary, confidential retired engineer technical assistance program.) The loan program is currently going through the rule promulgation process but loans should be ready to be provided by the end of the year.  If you want to read about how we propose the program to work, check out our rule package on our web site at www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/p2loan/ 

By the way, we did research other states in the country to find out who else are providing loans for P2-related projects.  Ohio and Nebraska are two state programs we found helpful.


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>>> "Catherine Dickerson" <cdickerson@pprc.org> 07/06 12:39 PM >>>
Hello all, 

I was wondering if anyone out there in cyber land has information on entities who make small business loans to companies who are proposing to use sustainable/innovative/P2 methods as part of their business?  I've looked through the archives, and thought I'd see if my extensive web search can be narrowed down a bit.

As always, any leads/help is greatly appreciated.


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