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Reuse and melting of Borings

I am trying to assist a brass foundry that also does machining of the
castings to a finished product.  They reuse the waste metal from the
machining process by re-melting the borings in their furnace.  Since they
have switched to new computerize machining tools they use a
coolant/lubricant (mineral oil, succinic acid half amine salts, and
ethanolamine).  When they re-melt these metal shavings enough coolant
remains after draining to cause the furnace to smoke beyond what they feel
is acceptable.

The owner wishes to wash the coolant off the shavings (preferably in a
closed loop system), but I am hoping those of you out in P2 land can come up
with a more preventive approach.  Are there metal working fluids that don't
smoke when the metal is re melted?  What type of equipment is available to
remove the coolant from the borings?  Is treatment of the air emission a
better approach?  Let me know of your experiences.

Tim Tuominen
Phone (218) 722-3336 ext 324