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RE: Reuse and melting of Borings

You might try a continuous (or batch) centrifuge to remove the entrained
liquid.  It wouldn't have to be an extremely high speed centrifuge but what
size and model would best be handled by a centrifuge manufactuer.  

If this works you might be able to recycle the coolant and not have any
waste stream from this part of the process. 

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> From: 	Tim Tuominen[SMTP:Tim.Tuominen@wlssd.duluth.mn.us]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, July 07, 1999 8:47 AM
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> Subject: 	Reuse and melting of Borings
> I am trying to assist a brass foundry that also does machining of the
> castings to a finished product.  They reuse the waste metal from the
> machining process by re-melting the borings in their furnace.  Since they
> have switched to new computerize machining tools they use a
> coolant/lubricant (mineral oil, succinic acid half amine salts, and
> ethanolamine).  When they re-melt these metal shavings enough coolant
> remains after draining to cause the furnace to smoke beyond what they feel
> is acceptable.
> The owner wishes to wash the coolant off the shavings (preferably in a
> closed loop system), but I am hoping those of you out in P2 land can come
> up
> with a more preventive approach.  Are there metal working fluids that
> don't
> smoke when the metal is re melted?  What type of equipment is available to
> remove the coolant from the borings?  Is treatment of the air emission a
> better approach?  Let me know of your experiences.
> Tim Tuominen
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