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Fwd: small business loans

Many small business loans are made through Working Capital.  This 501
(c)(3) helps small companies learn how to write a business plan and apply
for a loan.  Companies work in a group of perhaps 7 companies.  Banks give
them money to loan among themselves after they have completed the training
modules.  The first loan is restricted to $500 ( a lot of money for a very
small firm).  If any company in the group misses a loan payment, the entire
group gets dunned and cannot borrow any money.  Of course other group
members help the party meet the loans.  The payback is over 95% where
small, minority business paybacks of loans averages below 50%.  The Grameen
Bank in India works on the same basis.  I have written a "Nothing to Waste
Manual" for these groups to show small businesses that they cannot afford
to waste anything.  They are using this information in their applications
for a loan.  The Nothing to Waste Manual is on my web site and was
sponsored by EPA Environmental Justice grant.  The state of New Mexico is
using this model and is translating the manual into Spanish.  I would be
happy to provide anyone with more information on the Working Capital model.
 It has been featured on 20/20 and other major TV outlets.  They do not
have a lot of stuff on the WEB but you can search.

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>Hello all, 
>I was wondering if anyone out there in cyber land has information on
entities who make small business loans to companies who are proposing to
use sustainable/innovative/P2 methods as part of their business?  I've
looked through the archives, and thought I'd see if my extensive web search
can be narrowed down a bit.
>As always, any leads/help is greatly appreciated.
>Catherine M. Dickerson
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