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Re: [SEW] Photo Processing (COD)

    The wastes from the silver recovery unit are usually precipitated with
Sulfide or Chloride.  Check those levels and then re-run your COD for
interferences, and then drop me a note off list.  In answer to your
questions, yes, those levels are not unusual depending upon the recovery
system.  In the photoprocessing unit, there is often a variety of organics
and sulfides, sulfates, and some nitrates.  Generally they won't bother your
process, but the silver might.  It might be a good idea to check on the
silver levels as well.
Dave Russell

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Subject: [SEW] Photo Processing (COD)

> Recently we received a call from a local POTW, requesting
> data/information on photo processing effluent.  Sampling showed high
> of cod (40,000mg/l) being discharged from the silver recovery unit.  POTW
> concerned about these high levels.  Vendor data shows typical COD
> concentrations of 200-2000mg/l - total effluent.  Has anyone conducted
> sampling or seen data with similar high numbers?  Suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks in advance
> Will Howard
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