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Re: Household pharmaceutical wastes

I normally tell people to take them to a household hazardous waste
collection event, but know that some HHW folks are having problems with
them (anybody have insight on this?).  Putting them down the drain is an
especially bad idea, because they will be released to rivers or the
ocean.  Recent studies (mostly from Europe) have documented the presence
of a stew of pharmaceuticals in rivers downstream from sewage treatment
plants.  Those pharmaceuticals have been tentatively linked to various
ecosystem effects including feminization of the fish population.
(Certainly something I'd like to avoid in beautiful Hawaiian waters!).

Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental

Marlyn Aguilar - SHWB wrote:

> Does anyone know of an alternative for households to dispose of old
> prescription medications? Do pharmaceuticals take them or can they
> go down the drain?  What about chemotherapy type drugs or certain
> p-listed ones such as epinephrine (adrenalin) or nitroglycerine?
> Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!!
> Marlyn Aguilar
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