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RE: ISO 14000 for POTWs


The only municipality that has received ISO 14001 certification to my
knowledge is the NYC Transit Authority.  However, I know of several POTWs
that are implementing EMSs that conform to ISO 14001.  Not sure if they are
planning to third-party certify or not.  

In North Carolina, both the City of Burlington and the City of Gastonia are
implementing an EMS that follows ISO 14001 at their POTWs.  Also, the San
Diego Metropolitan Sewerage District in CA is pursuing ISO 14001 and the
City of Scottsdale, AZ for the entire city which includes the POTW.  

US EPA Office of Water is funding an EMS study with local governments.  In
addition to those already mentioned, those in the study who are implementing
an ISO 14001 EMS at the POTW are the Town of Londonberry, NH; City of
Lowell, MA; Wayne County, MI; Indianapolis, IN; and the City of
Gaithersburg, MD.  Contact Faith Leavitt at GETF for more information on the
project at 703-750-6401 or faith.leavitt@geft.org.

Beth Graves

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Subject: ISO 14000 for POTWs

Hi!  Does anyone know of any POTWs or Wastewater treatment
facilities that have ISO 14000 certification?

Thanks in advance!

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