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Re: [Fwd: small business loans]

Hey Sue-Could you please post this on P2Tech for me?  I have a difficult
time posting for some reason.  Thanks!


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) recently revised its
Landfill Alternatives Financial Assistance Program to include best
management practices, among other revisions.  The name of the program is now
Solid Waste Alternatives Program.  I recently met with the two co-managers
of the program to discuss the potential of our business clients applying to
receive p2 equipment financing assistance.  Essentially, as long as there is
some sort of solid waste component to the project, it should be fundable.

For instance, we frequently recommend that businesses purchase HVLP spray
guns.  This would be fundable since there should be a corresponding
reduction in solid waste related to overspray.  The first $20,000 of the
program is offered as a forgivable loan.  It becomes forgivable upon
completion of the project.  $20,001-$150,000 is offered as a 0% loan.
Greater than $150,000 is a 3% loan.

Another reason we are excited about this program, beyond p2 implementation
assistance for our clients, is the essential recordkeeping component.
Businesses will need to document before and after data to demonstrate waste
reduction.  This will provide us with more measurement data, as well as
additional case studies of successful implementation.

Funding takes place on a quarterly basis.  I want to say there's about
$500,000 in funding available per quarter.  The program is funded through
our state's solid waste tonnage fee.  For further information about this
program, please contact Leslie Leager at IDNR at 515-281-8672.
Christine Twait
Program Manager
Iowa Waste Reduction Center
1005 Technology Parkway
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
319/268-3733 (fax)
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