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RE: Green Consumer Survey's

Hi Scott,

I recently found some information from the Roper (the one that conducts
polls) web site.  I can't get into the web at the moment; therefore I can't
give you the web URL.  If one uses a search engine, type in Roper or Roper
Starch.  Use the Roper site search for Green Gauge.  Green Gauge gives some
facts which may help Chris Sherwin get started.

Please check a recent discussion on P2Tech.  The exchange was about Public
Opinion, I think.

In addition,  PA DEP's web site has information about "Green Buildings"
which may be useful when considering commercial "green behavior".  

I believe there is information on the web relating to envrionmentally
perferable purchasing.

I hope this is helpful.

Please update your email address book.  My email address follows after
telephone and fax numbers.  Thank you.
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Green Consumer Survey's


Am forwarding the following in hopes that you can help Mr. Sherwin out with
some green consumer data.  Sorry to those who subscribe to ECDM  for the
cross-post, but I suspect there are a lot of people who don't follow both

Actually we ought to find that out someday....   more to come.....

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> Dear all, 
> I'm trying to get recent (past 3 years) general Green Consumer Studiies
that cover: 
> -Green purchasing 
> -Green attitudes 
> -Green behaviour 
 from a variety of different countries, in order to build some simple
comparative consumer profiles. If possible I want to keep to household
durable's and the domestic situation (but any studies would be useful). 
 Being located in the UK is making it difficult to find these from other
countries, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 
> A summary of any findings will be available on request.  Many thanks in
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