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Alternatives to Acetone for testing purposes

Hello out there;

We have a client who is a member of the Western Regional P2 network. She has asked for help on a replacement of acetone for use in the laboratory.

Her client uses acetone in testing the percent of oil in a Molybdenum Sulphide  (MoS2)  product.

Five grams of the product sample are stirred with aliquots of acetone three times, filtered each time, and the gooch crucible is dried.  A substitute would have to be volatile enough to be removed at 100 +/- degrees C.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Joel Blood
Western Regional Information Clearinghouse,

Department of Toxics Substances Conttrol,
Office of Pollution Prevention
and Technology Development,
P.O. Box 806'
Sacramento, CA, 95812-0806,
(916) 445-2948