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Re: cost/benefits of voluntary P2-related programs

Thanks for the comment.  Actually, the "Donkey" article is one that I do have!  Though it was sitting on my desk for the last month, I've yet to finish it.  Guess I have a reason now.


>>> Reid Lifset <pswp@yale.edu> 07/20 9:41 AM >>>
Dear Ms. Fitzner,

	Be careful about the measurement of the benefits side of the cost/benefit
analysis of voluntary programs -- the accounting of the gains from such
programs has not been very rigorous in many cases.  For a review of this, see 

Harrison, K.  "Talking with the Donkey: Cooperative Approaches to
Environmental Protection" Journal of Industrial Ecology.  2(3):51-72.

Harrison's article explicitly examines the 33/50 program (among others) and
reviews the literature on this topic.  The article is available in full
text (PDF) at the Journal's web site <http://mitpress.mit.edu/JIE>.

	Good luck with your research.

Reid Lifset

At 09:08 AM 7/20/99 -0400, you wrote:
>In Michigan we have been asked to perform a cost/benefit analysis for 
>voluntary programs (generic enough?)  Has anyone done a study like this 
>comparing some of the more popular P2-related programs?  Has a study been 
>done on the 33/50 program that compares the cost for administering this 
>program and implementing the measures to the emission reductions achieved?  
>What about other programs such as P2 partnerships or rebate programs?
>Any leads or, even better, numbers would be helpful!
>Wendy Fitzner
>Pollution Prevention Section
>Environmental Assistance Division
>Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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Reid Lifset
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Wendy Fitzner
Pollution Prevention Section
Environmental Assistance Division
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Town Center
P.O. Box 30457
Lansing, MI  48909-7957
517-335-4729 (fax)