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Re: cost/benefits of voluntary P2-related programs


I suggest you look at the 1996 assessment study done on EPA's Pollution
Prevention Incentives for States program.  This study looks at the types of
programs funded by the PPIS grants, and reports on the costs and benefit
results achieved (where such data has been collected).  I second Reid's
comment that it is caveat emptor when reviewing reported benefits, but I
believe the EPA study was careful in qualifying these results.  You may be
able to find evaluation data for programs similar to the one you are
looking into.

Go to http://www.epa.gov/p2/ppis.htm and look for "PPIS Grant Program:
Assessment Study"

And for more up to date information you may want to call Lena Hann Ferris
at 202-260-2237.  Good luck.

-Jeff Cantin

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