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clarification on LCA question

Let me be a little more specific about my question on life cycle analyses.  I am aware that many companies use LCA to evaluate the impacts of their manufacturing processes and products on the environment, and, the technical aspects of LCA are readily available on the 'net.  What I'm interested in here is whether any environmental regulatory agencies (state, local or federal) systematically use LCA to support decisions.  For example, agencies systematically use, that is, they have procedures in place, to perform  risk assessments to establish site clean-up levels.  Are any agencies similarly using LCA to support other kinds of decisions?  Such decisions could be regulatory (use mtbe as gasoline additive?), or as part of technical assistance (plastic or paper?).  Thanks once again .

Kathryn Barwick
Office of Pollution Prevention
California Dept of Toxic Substances Control
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