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Re: clarification on LCA question

Life-cycle concepts have been used by environmental agencies in policy
development.  A case that comes to mind is one where regulating effluent
from industrial laundries that wash oily rags would have caused a shift to
the use of disposable towels for wiping.  SETAC has a document out called
"Public Policy Applications of Life-Cycle Assessment," edited by Dave Allen,
Frank Consoli, Gary Davis, James Fava, and John Warren.  It's actually the
proceedings of a 1995 meeting and was published in 1997.  You might find
that useful.

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While the conceptual information about LCA is readily available, and there's
manuals that explain methodology, it can be daunting, the learning curve is
steep, and applying LCA at any given agency is going to require more than
just a quick surf on the web. Also, when you're using LCA information for
decisionmaking, you may end up having to make explicit tradeoffs between
environmental "bads". Agencies (and everyone else) implicitly do this all
the time, but it can be uncomfortable to try to pin down a public agency to
explicitly articulate the tradeoffs they have to make. In that respect using
LCA may open  some big cans of worms.

If you want to talk about it more, contact Keith Weitz, kaw@rti.org, 919 541
6973. He's done work on streamlined LCA that might be useful to you.

melissa malkin

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Subject: clarification on LCA question

Let me be a little more specific about my question on life cycle analyses.
I am aware that many companies use LCA to evaluate the impacts of their
manufacturing processes and products on the environment, and, the technical
aspects of LCA are readily available on the 'net.  What I'm interested in
here is whether any environmental regulatory agencies (state, local or
federal) systematically use LCA to support decisions.  For example, agencies
systematically use, that is, they have procedures in place, to perform  risk
assessments to establish site clean-up levels.  Are any agencies similarly
using LCA to support other kinds of decisions?  Such decisions could be
regulatory (use mtbe as gasoline additive?), or as part of technical
assistance (plastic or paper?).  Thanks once again .

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