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Re: Disaster bags burned in Crematories

Ozone depleting substances ( molecules that contain Cl, Br, and NOx) require
sufficient atmospheric lifetimes to be transported to the stratospheric levels.
The models used to determine the Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of a substance
assume a very long lifetime ( two dimensional models)  - although I understand
work is underway to better understand the significance of shorter lived species
with variable transport times (three dimensional models).  Except for high
flying aircraft that emit NOx, most transportation to the stratosphere is at the
equator.  CFCs , most HCFCs, some organic bromides and methyl chloroform are not
very reactive, are not too water soluble ( HCl is soluble and rains out) and
have sufficient lifetimes  to reach the stratosphere from wherever they are
released.  Once there, solar radiation  breaks them down, and releases the
chlorine or bromine that cause ozone destruction.  The EPA website,
www.epa.gov/ozone has more detailed info on all of this.  The hotline
1-800-296-1996 can help out too!

Back to the incineration of chlorine containing plastic bags. two approaches
that may help and put more focus on this:  (1) HCl is a listed HAP (Clean Air
Act, Title III, Section 112) and (2) , incomplete combustion could cause the
formation and emission of chlorinated dioxins.