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speaker's bureau

Hi P2Techsters,

We are in the midst of putting together a speakers bureau, as part of a project with a group we are members of out here - the Northwest Industrial Technical Assistance Providers (ITAP).  ITAP is a voluntary group of organizations working together to help industry achieve energy, environmental, and economic competitiveness.  The speakers bureau would be used by members who are putting together conferences, roundtables, meetings, etc.  We've been getting suggestions for speakers in all sorts of areas, including P2, energy efficiency, sustainability, and lean manufacturing, to name a few.  Then, we started wondering, has anyone else put together such a speakers bureau?  If so, perhaps we can link to your list, and leverage our work a bit.  Just to clarify, this is not an expert list per say - this is a list of folks who have agreed to give presentations on their area of expertise.  

Also, if you have speaker suggestions - for example, an energetic, knowledgeable speaker who was downright inspiring :) - feel free to pass them on.  We'll check and see if they are interested in being on our bureau list.

Thanks, as always.


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