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Environmental Accounting Guide

To all P2 professionals :

Environment Canada and the Ordre des comptables agréés du Québec (Quebec's
Chartered Accountants Association) developed a guide to help you better
understand the basic concepts behind environmental accounting.  Written in
plain, everyday language, the " Introductory Guide to Environmental
Accounting - Environment and Decision-making : an Appropriate Accounting "
is a practical tool designed for environmental professionals as well as
accountants and lawyers unfamiliar with environmental concepts.  This
44-page document, available in English and in French, helps to manage more
effectively the environmental challenges facing companies and to prepare
professionals to take  better decisions.

The Introductory Guide to Environmental Accounting explains the nature and
scope of environmental accounting, how environmental accounting blends into
environmental management, how to gather and analyse data supporting life
cycle analysis and decision-making as well as accountability.  It features a
self-assessment grid which helps to evaluate how well established
environmental accounting is in your organisation.

Take advantage of the promotional price of 20$CAN (taxes and shipping
included), down from 25$CAN, until October 31, 1999.  For purchases of 10
documents or more, the Introductory Guide to Environmental Accounting is
offered at 17,50$CAN each, taxes and shipping included.

Order your copy through our web site at
http ://www.qc.ec.gc.ca/protect/english/prevention/sectors/sectors.htm or
write to quebec.DPE@ec.gc.ca .

For more information, contact :

Jean-Claude Prevost
Project Manager
Environment Canada - Quebec Region
Pollution Prevention
105, McGill Street (4th floor)
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H2Y 2E7
Tel. : 514/ 496-6856
Fax : 514/ 283-5836
E-mail : jean-claude.prevost@ec.gc.ca

Monique Emond-Julien
Adjointe administrative/Administrative Assistant
Prévention de la pollution/Pollution Prevention
Direction de la protection de l'environnement/
Environmental Protection Branch
Téléphone:  (514) 283-2335
Télécopie:  (514) 283-5836
Courriel/e-mail: monique.emond-julien@ec.gc.ca

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
Waste Management & Research Center