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Looking for Info on Parts Cleaner

P2TECH folks --

As someone working primarily in R&D,  I usually find myself safely insulated
from the real world (and, perhaps more importantly, the real world is safely
insulated from me!).  

On occasion, however,  I end up at the receiving end of actual technical
assistance requests.  

This is, of course, a clear indicator that there are people in industry who
are truly desperate for help!  (But you knew that already).

As a case in point, I received the following request today:

			"I am interested in finding out some information
about a particular parts cleaner for industry that is supposed to be more
environmentally friendly than its competitors.  It is called System One. Can
you tell me if the EPA endorses this product or if they have any information
about it?"

In an effort to find information on this product, I've checked the usual
suspect sites (DLA's Environmental Products Catalog
http://www.dscr.dla.mil/products/epa/eppcat.htm, Envirosense's various
search functions http://es.epa.gov/,  Thomas Register
http://www.thomasregister.com/, WRRC's large document collection at
http://www.p2pays.org, etc).  Can't find the aforementioned "System One".
Hence this request.

Information on either the product and/or on specific search strategies for
alternative cleaning technologies & products would be welcome.  
At one time I was familiar with a lot of what's online,  but with new
resources becoming available daily, it never hurts to ask.  

Thanks in advance,

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
4500 Sandpoint Way, Seattle WA   98105
(206)-528-3290 voice/(206)-528-3552 fax