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Re: Looking for Info on Parts Cleaner

Karl's information is accurate.  SystemOne uses low temperature vacuum
distillation in a unit integrated into the solvent sink.  The units are
marketed as being able to use a 140 solvent, VOC exempt or aqueous.  I
believe the company uses a leasing arrangement.  They are out of Miami,
SystemOne Technologies Inc., (305) 593-8015.

Kevin Dick
6100 Neil Rd., Ste. 400
Reno, NV  89511
(775) 689-6677

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From: Karl DeWahl <dewah001@tc.umn.edu>
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Date: Thursday, July 29, 1999 3:24 PM
Subject: Looking for Info on Parts Cleaner

>I am not aware that the EPA endorses any products of this type.
>Nor do I know of any web resources on the system one parts washer.
>This is what I know based on an intern project that tested it:
>The equipment is a variation on a tub-on-a-drum parts washer that has a
>solvent still built into it.
>It typically uses mineral spirits as a solvent although other solvents or
>cleaners might also work.
>If mineral spirits is used it is no friendlier in terms of worker exposure
>than a Safety Kleen parts washer
>or any similar washer, unless a soil being removed is an exposure risk.
>It is onsite, closed loop recycling, so it removes some of the
>transportation hazard compared to
>typical washers, and some exposure hazard compared to the use of an
>external still onsite.
>In practical terms, the washer worked well, and impressed the users in
>terms of ease of use
>and solvent cleanliness.  They found the solvent reservior to be small,
>such that it needed daily distillation to keep up with a heavy work load.
> The unit was also relatively costly.
>The intern host determined that a parts washer with fine filtration
>-lengthening solvent life - made more sense for them.
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>From: Butner, Robert S [SMTP:butner@battelle.org]
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>Subject: Looking for Info on Parts Cleaner
>P2TECH folks --
>As someone working primarily in R&D,  I usually find myself safely
>from the real world (and, perhaps more importantly, the real world is
>insulated from me!).
>On occasion, however,  I end up at the receiving end of actual technical
>assistance requests.
>This is, of course, a clear indicator that there are people in industry who
>are truly desperate for help!  (But you knew that already).
>As a case in point, I received the following request today:
> "I am interested in finding out some information
>about a particular parts cleaner for industry that is supposed to be more
>environmentally friendly than its competitors.  It is called System One.
>you tell me if the EPA endorses this product or if they have any
>about it?"
>In an effort to find information on this product, I've checked the usual
>suspect sites (DLA's Environmental Products Catalog
>http://www.dscr.dla.mil/products/epa/eppcat.htm, Envirosense's various
>search functions http://es.epa.gov/,  Thomas Register
>http://www.thomasregister.com/, WRRC's large document collection at
>http://www.p2pays.org, etc).  Can't find the aforementioned "System One".
>Hence this request.
>Information on either the product and/or on specific search strategies for
>alternative cleaning technologies & products would be welcome.
>At one time I was familiar with a lot of what's online,  but with new
>resources becoming available daily, it never hurts to ask.
>Thanks in advance,
>Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)
>Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
>Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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