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No Subject

I asked around and got this reply on System One from Jeff Clements at Ashland
Chemicals in Lexington, Ky:

SystemOne is the trade name for a recycling parts washer that is owned and
manufactured by Mansur Industries.  You will find them in any stock quote driver
under "mans".   They are located in Miami Florida:  Mansur Industries,
SystemOne, 8305 N. W. 27th. Street, Suite 107, Miami, Florida 33122.  They can
be reached on 800.711.1414.  There are several models offered.  The most common
is the model 500 with a list price of $3,200.00.  You can purchase the unit
direct from the manufacturer.  They sell in approximately 40 exclusive markets.
They sell in approximately 20 additional markets on a non-exclusive basis and
work with a distributor, First Recovery/Valvoline Division, as part of the
marketing mix.  Please feel free to direct questions to me Jeff Clements,
(jdclements@ashland.com) or phone 606-357-3135.