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P2 and pesticides/vector control (for health departments)


I'm preparing to share some information on pollution prevention 
techniques, strategies and ideas in relation to vector control (rats, 
mice, roaches, mosquitoes, etc., for local/county health departments' 
directors and others, and I realize I don't know all that much,  
notwithstanding good housekeeping, stoppage, removal of habitat,
food sources, etc.  

Anyone have experience, expertise, case studies, examples, general 
knowledge, or details on P2 tools, alternatives etc. for pesticides 
and vector control?

Sorry, but I just got this assignment and I need some VERY quick help 
no later than the end of this week.  I will appreciate anything you 
have to share.


J. Bruce Suits
Pollution Prevention Manager
City of Cincinnati
Office of Environmental Management
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
Cincinnati, OH  45202-1947
Phone:     513/352-6270
FAX:       513/352-4970
email:     bruce.suits@cinems.rcc.org