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Re: P2 and pesticides/vector control (for health departments)

The best resource I've found is a book called Common Sense Pest Control,
by Oligowski (spelling?), Daar, and Oligowski. It is a detailed reference
book that is very well documented scientifically.  The section on vector
control isn't that long (good for the reading part, bad because you'll
want more info).

Most of the materials use by our community focus on residents, which
means that they aren't at at the level that professionals tend to
demand.  There have been a few good programs for public housing--I don't
have the details, but I remember one from Chicago (that involved a clever
comic book for residents teamed with the services of an IPM professional
in the building) for public housing, designed to address a severe
cockroach problem.

If residential materials are of interest, check out the materials at
They were prepared with a federal grant for the SF Bay region by good
technical experts (the Bio-Integral Resource Center) and lots of

Good luck.

Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental

Bruce Suits wrote:

> P2'ers:
> I'm preparing to share some information on pollution prevention
> techniques, strategies and ideas in relation to vector control (rats,
> mice, roaches, mosquitoes, etc., for local/county health departments'
> directors and others, and I realize I don't know all that much,
> notwithstanding good housekeeping, stoppage, removal of habitat,
> food sources, etc.
> Anyone have experience, expertise, case studies, examples, general
> knowledge, or details on P2 tools, alternatives etc. for pesticides
> and vector control?
> Sorry, but I just got this assignment and I need some VERY quick help
> no later than the end of this week.  I will appreciate anything you
> have to share.
> Thanks!
> J. Bruce Suits
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