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FW: p2 and appropriations

This message forwarded on behalf of Paul Singer,
Chief Editor of Inside EPA.  Please respond directly to: 


Appropriations bills are full of mysteries, and here
is one in the current House appropriations language
for EPA's FY2000 budget.

The budgeteers zeroed  out money for sustainable
development challenge grants and other sustainability
programs, but then inserted the following language:

"While EPA has a number of programs designed to
promote pollution prevention and recycling in
industrial processes, few resources have been
directed at the reuse of materials. One example is
the reuse of industrial packages which include
packages used for the transportation or storage of
commodities, the contents of which are not meant for
retail sale without being repackaged. The
[Appropriations] Committee encourages the agency to
investigate and promote opportunities for the reuse
of industrial packages in their original intended
form through reconditioning and remanufacture by
working with private sector organizations whose
primary purposes include education and research in
the field of reusable industrial packages. The agency
is also encouraged to review the need for additional
research in this area, as well as to educate small
business of the benefits of such reuse."

The wording suggests that Congress has a specific
project and a specific "private sector organization"
in mind, but no one can tell me who. I'm also not
sure I know exactly what this all refers to. Is it

I'd appreciate any hints, ideas or info any of your
P2 folks may have (confidentiality guaranteed, as


Paul Singer
Chief Editor
Inside EPA