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Solvent One versus Aqueous Cleaners

Dear P2 techers: See the attached file on the latest aqueous parts clea=3D
ning case
studies from California!

I have been following the thread on the "System One" solvent parts wash=3D
er and
want to add to John Katz's previous message on aqueous cleaners. As Joh=3D
n stated,
we are very close to completing several fact sheets and a video that fe=3D
aqueous parts cleaners, as well several other "Best Environmental Pract=3D
ices" for
auto repair and vehicle fleet maintenance operations (September 1st is =3D
target date - we will announce their availability on P2 tech listserve =3D
they're completed).

As a sample of the kind of information we will be providing, I have att=3D
ached an
MS word file with highlights from 5 studies of aqueous cleaners conduct=3D
recently in California. As you may know, two California air districts h=3D
recently passed laws requiring facilties to switch to low VOC (<5%) cle=3D
The result is that there has been a lot of progress in aqueous cleaning=3D

capabilities and a lot of new players are entering the market. The info=3D
contained here will be included in one of the fact sheets we will make =3D
shortly, but I thought I should "steal my own thunder" as it were, and =3D
others know about these great new units/chemistries before we all go ou=3D
t and
recommend the "System One" as the panacea for reducing solvent emmision=3D
s from
parts cleaning operations. As you can see, there are also several great=3D
cleaners available right now. References and a list of vendors is provi=3D
ded in
text below. Sorry, I don't know if any of them are publicly traded...

Leif Magnuson
Pollution Prevention Coordinator
U.S. EPA Region IX
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA=A0 94105
Tel (415) 744-2153
Fax (415) 744-1680

(See attached file: aqsummary.doc)

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following individual=3D
s and
organizations whose referenced publications contain the original source=3D
for this fact sheet:

Water-Based Parts Washer Systems: Case Study Conversions prepared for U=3D
and Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District by Michael Morr=3D
is and
Katy Wolf, Institute for Research and Techncial Assistance, Pollution P=3D
Center, dated December 11, 1998, available at

Water-Based Repair and Maintenance Cleaning: Case Study Conversions pre=3D
pared for
Southern California Edison by Michael Morris and Katy Wolf, Institute f=3D
Research and Techncial Assistance, Pollution Prevention Center, dated M=3D
arch 12,
1999, available at

Final Report: Aqueous Cleaning Demonstration Project, City and County o=3D
f San
Francisco, February, 1999 prepared for the City and County of San Franc=3D

Hazardous Waste Management Program, Administrative Service Department, =3D
by Tetra
Tech EM Inc. An executive summary of the report is available at XXXXXXX=3D

(web site location tbd)

Final Report: Aqueous Cleaning Demonstration Project, City and County o=3D
f Los
Angeles ? in progress, prepared for the City and County of Los Angeles =3D
Works Department XXX, by Tetra Tech EM Inc. An executive summary of the=3D
is available at XXXXXXX (web site location tbd)

Aqueous Cleaning in Auto Repair Shops, and Replacing Solvents with Aque=3D
Cleaning prepared for U.S. EPA by Tetra Tech, EM Inc., available by cal=3D
(415) 744-1687 or on the Internet at (web site location tbd)

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
Waste Management & Research Center