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Re: air emissions

A place for you to start would be with AP-42, "Compilation of Air Pollutant
Emission Factors, Volume I:  Stationary Point and Area Sources."  It's
available from the GPO, I believe, and maybe from NTIS.  I have the 5th
edition, and I don't know if the fuel oil section is completely up to date.
There are 33 pp on fuel oil combustion.  There are factors for SOx, NOx, CO,
PM, total organic carbon, methane, nitrous oxide, polycyclic organic matter,
formaldehyde, and eleven heavy metals .  It also has quite a bit about
particle size distribution, some info on controls, and a table on new source
performance standards.

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Subject: air emissions

>P2TECH'ers :
>I am looking for information about air emissions (exhaust) coming from
>oil-fired combustion. Basically from electricity generation using fuel oil.
>Do you know where I could find about standards? Do you know air emissions
>standards for electricity utilities?
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