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RE: training question

Vendor participation is always a question of balance.  Fortunately, most
vendors know that the quickest way to lose an audience is for their talk to
become an infomercial (unless the presenter is Cindy Margulis.)  Often
vendors are some of the most knowledgeable experts in their field.  Their
practical experience is valuable to the audience.  And they also have the
strongest motivation to deliver a good presentation because building
credibility is good business.  Too often public sector training shuns
vendors based on unfounded fears of seeming like an endorsement.  I helped
organize a one-day workshop on coatings P2 for the local chapter of AIChE
and for organizations like that using vendors for some presentations is a
financial necessity.  It is important, though, to use vendors whom you can
trust not to do a Ron Popeil.
Mike Heaney
NC Division of Pollution Prevention &
Environmental Assistance