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RE:ISO 14000 training

In Janet Clark's response, she raised the issue of ISO 14000 training and
whether consultants in EMS biz can be trusted.  As a former consultant
myself I can say that consultants are much craftier than equipment vendors
when it comes to self promotion.   Certainly most consultants are savvy
enough to stay away from hucksterism, but I wouldn't necessarily trust a
consultant (or a regulatory agency for that matter) to recommend what EMS
system is appropriate for my business.    Environmental consultants are
usually quite expert in their regulatory areas just as good vendors know
their technologies or equipment.   But when it comes to a management system,
who knows a business's needs better than the business itself?
Consultants' presentations on EMSs tend toward promoting 14000-esque
solutions that they've applied elsewhere.  Such systems, although somewhat
flexible, often do not fit a particular businesses needs.  One of the best
presentations I've heard on EMSs was by Dick Pastor of the chemical company
Elf Atochem.  He emphasized the value of a systematic approach to EM, but
cautioned against 14000-esque systems for businesses for which they would be
inappropriate.  My point, if I have one, is that if I were in business, the
only person I'd trust on EMSs is a business similar to mine.

Mike Heaney
NC Division of Pollution Prevention &
Environmental Assistance