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building cleaning (and other) infomation

Hello all,

I'm looking for a slew of information for various parts of building management (examples below).  I have found a great deal of information that targets the individual home owner, but not a whole lot that goes after the building manager audience.  Any information (or conformation that there just isn't a whole to be had) for any of the following would be great.

Building Washing  
- Information about how to do it with minimal/no environmental impact, for the outside of buildings.  In particular, addressing runoff from the cleaning:  how to minimize runoff; how to lessen the impact of any runoff you may have.

- impact of chemicals:  on the building that is being washed; on the grounds that the chemicals can end up in; how possible alternatives work

- limitations of what can be accomplished through a management program -- any examples of cities, towns, municipalities, organizations that have implemented a management program? 

Are there jurisdictions/cities out there that require or recommend the enclosure of the work surface when washing?  How and what do they require for control of runoff flows?

Use of Chemicals
Find out information/alternatives for some of the "standard" items now in use in buildings; e.g., HVAC cleaners, white board cleaners, etc.

Cleaning Products
For both inside and outside the building.  Things like disinfectants for bathrooms, desk cleaners, etc.

I realize this is a rather large request, and a bit all over the place.  I'm just throwing this out there to see if anyone has any leads.

Thanks a bunch.


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