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zero emissions

2nd Scientific Meeting on Zero Emission
Graz, 21st to 22nd of October 1999 

1st Announcement

Based upon the work of the ZERI project of the United Nations University
(UNU) in Tokyo, several research groups throughout Europe have adopted
the approach and they are carrying out own Zero emission projects. More
and more companies declare Zero Emission as a business goal and apply
the Zero Emission approach to their business strategies. All these
scientific and company activities take place largely independently of
each other. A first attempt to bring the German speaking researchers in
this field together was made at the workshop "23 hours for Zero
Emission" held by Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology (ITC) and
the Institute for Polymer Testing and Polymer Sciences, University of
Stuttgart (IKP) in Pfinztal, Germany (WWW - ZeroEmission:
/http://.zeroemission.de). There several research groups met mainly from
the German speaking area for an experience exchange. This following
event should give an impression of activities and initiatives in all of
Europe and strengthen the European approach to Zero Emission. It will
prepare a forum to link activities, share experiences and initiate new
projects. Basic scientific problems and questions interpreting the Zero
emission approach should be discussed as well. One of the main aspects
is the transfer of the Zero Emission concept, which so far was mainly
applied in developing countries, to Europe's industrialised situation. 
· Information about different strategies in order to transfer Zero
Emission concept to the European situation
· Presenting the ongoing research activities
· Analysing basic requirements on Zero Emission Technologies
· Searching for potentially existing ones 
· Presenting the different approaches of basic scientific questions
concerning Zero Emission research (understanding of Zero Emission,
Definition of Zero, integration of Life Cycle and Energy within the Zero
Emission approach)
· Analysing the different tools to reach Zero Emission and their
strengths and weaknesses (Cleaner Production, Eco - Industrial Parks,
Bio - integrated systems, renewables etc.)
· Developing common approaches for principle definitions
· Ideas for cooperative research activities (e.g. V framework programme
of the EU)

Preliminary Work Programme
Day 1
· Wellcome, reception
· The Zero Emission concept: development and actual status
· Presentation of ongoing research and projects by the participants
· Work shops about basic scientific problems
· Work shops about technologies and methods

Day 2:
· Summary of first day, results of the workshops
· Adaption of the Zero Emission concept to the European situation
· Cooperation strategies
· Joint research possibilities

Who should attend?
· Researchers of the Engineering Sciences, Natural Sciences, Social
Sciences and Political Sciences working in the field of Zero Emission or
related fields
· Other groups interested in research about Zero Emission
Conference Languages
English and German, no translation provided
Registration & Papers
For registration and how you can contribute to this workshop please

Dipl.- Ing. Barbara Erler 

Dipl.- Ing. Gernot Gwehenberger

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