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Re: training question

An interesting dilemma, I hope that the vendors can and will continue to
participate.  After "we win the war" and P2 professionals are no longer
necessary, the vendors will be the information vector.  Take the New Pig
Corporation for example, they provide outstanding technical and
regulatory assistance to their client.  They put regulatory summaries in
their catalogs and send their client the "Pig Tech News" periodically.
Incidentally, the MOPP will be the November cover story if all goes well
in Pennsylvania later this month.  When all vendors provide this kind of
information to the client as routinely as MSDSs then truly some headway
will have been made.  Now, if we exclude them from giving and receiving
P2 training, how will we bridge the gap?

My 2,
Sue Sommerfelt,
Iowa Waste Reduction Center


Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
Waste Management & Research Center