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International Training Opportunities

Dear P2'ers-

There will be several opportunities for NPPR members to conduct
trainings at Asian P2 roundtable events during the fall of 1999.  At
this time the programs for these activities are still being finalized
so anyone who wishes to be considered is encouraged to contact the
NPPR office (see below).  Apologies for cross-listings.


The Indian EMC Roundtable is looking for a trainer with expertise in
the chemicals sector, especially fertilizer, and paints & dyes.  A
roundtable meeting is scheduled for November 19 in Calcutta, India. An
additional 1-2 days of training activities could follow this event.


The Korean Cleaner Production Roundtable is planning a conference in
November or December in Seoul.  They are interested in hosting a U.S.
P2 expert to conduct 1-3 days of P2 trainings and are still deciding
on what sectors to target.


NPPR is cooperating with US-AEP to organize a 3-day P2
train-the-trainer for the Thailand Environmental Engineers
Association.  This activity is tentatively scheduled in early November
and will be held in Bangkok


The Singapore Surface Finishing Society  "CP Committee" is organizing
a 1-3 day train-the-trainer activity for surface finishing to be held
in December.

Those interested in being considered for these activities should
contact NPPR before August 25th.

Best Regards,

Joe Pringle
International Coordinator
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
2000 P St, NW   Suite 708
Washington DC 20036
T: 202-466-7272
F: 202-466-7964