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Sent: Friday, August 06, 1999 10:12 AM

     Interesting point Burt makes about the danger of separating
"pure" P2
     from "commercial" P2 in workshops.  I've coordinated a number of
     US-AEP seminars in Taiwan with Taiwan EPA in which we recruit
three to
     four US speakers to speak on P2/Cleaner Technology options in
     industries, like the Semiconductor and PWB industries.  One or
two of
     the speakers comes from USEPA (part of their bilateral
     with TEPA) and two are US vendors which I recruit.  It is
important to
     note, that the vendors generally pay the majority of their
expenses to
     speak at these workshops, and, it is in their interest not to do
     sales pitch but establish credibility with the audience by
     their knowledge about the technology the industry can use.

     To date, these workshops have gone quite well, giving the
     both info on regulatory and "pure" P2/clean technology trends,
and the
     commercial perspective/experience which the vendors provide.  One
     the workshops resulted in the sale of close to a million US
     for the vendor EEP recruited for the workshop.  In my opinion,
     format is a good balancing act between "pure" and "commercial" P2
     which reflects the realities of business and government needs, at
     least in Taiwan.  But I'd hazard a guess it could work elsewhere.

     I'd be glad if you could post the above on the P2 list-server.


     George Irvine
     Environmental Exchange Program/US-AEP
     girvine@iie.org [mailto:girvine@iie.org]