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Pollution Prevention Guide for Advertisers

I am looking for a pp guide for advertisers.  As part of our sustainable
consumption programme we are trying to start some projects with advertisers
to get them to re-think how they can influence business and consumers and
hence consumption patterns. 

Our first step will be a guide to help advertisers and PR companies to do
"green housekeeping" in the office.  As a second part we plan to include
example boxes of what some companies have done to go further and look at the
service they render and provide more "sustainable" advice to clients.  

I need to get some green housekeeping guides that exist (I am not optimistic
that they already exist for advertising companies per se) for general
offices or similar service oriented companies.  Does anyone know of any such

>From there, we will adapt them to the advertising companies specific needs
(vocabulary).  We've already got companies will to pilot a draft guide.

I would welcome any ideas.  Also let me know if you want to know more about
the other sustainable consumption activities we are working on...


Garrette Clark
Production and Consumption UNIT
Paris, France

Juna Z. Snow
List Manager
Waste Management & Research Center