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Marina bilge oil/water separators

Dear Pollution Prevention enthusiasts,

This is more of a wastewater treatment question than a pollution
prevention question:
Has anyone out there in P2 Land dealt with the issue of treating marina
bilge water for oil removal?

I am working with a marina in Eureka, California with a bilge water
collection system.  The system involves a series of pipes and sumps
which transport bilge water from private fishing vessles to a central
coalescing filter, gravity separation style oil/water separator.  After
the water is treated through the oil/water separator it is discharged to
the City of Eureka's sanitary sewer system.  The separator does a great
job removing non-emulsified oil, but cannot separate out the emulsified
oil.  I have been told that private fisherman routinely add dishwashing
soap (Joy is a favorite brand) to their bilge to disperse oil.  We've
thought about trying to educate the fisherman to stop this practice of
adding soap to the bilge water, but realized that they are a difficult
lot to get to change their behavior.

Are there any other styles of treatment units that remove emulsified oil
from marine bilge water?  Are there any additional filters or treatment
units that could be retrofitted to the existing oil/water separator that
could remove the emulsified oil?

I would also appreciate contact person information for any other marinas
with bilge water collection and treatment systems.

Thanks for your help
Tracy Wyhlidko
Pretreatment Coordinator
City of Eureka
4301 Hilfiker Lane
Eureka, CA 95503
Tel: (707) 441-4362
Fax: (707) 441-4366
email: pretre@tidepool.com